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Wick Street Festival 2024 - First Artists Announcement!

We are delighted to announce our first round of artists for Wick Street Festival 2024. We just love festivals. For us, the best times are those when you’re with like-minded people, having a dance with friends, smiling at someone you don’t know as a song plays, or a tune drops! We never know why but it just feels right. It’s difficult to explain these moments sometimes but you get the gist.

With the idea of making 'it feel right' some of our artists are festival regulars who create amazing energy and play superb music. Others, you may not know, but the reason they're playing is because we know they will give their all for you, the audience. Our festival community.

After a successful first year Wick Street Festival (starting is always the hardest thing), we are really excited about what is going to happen next year. We can imagine it there on a glorious end of summer weekend in beautiful green fields. We could write a really long message about each one, but we’re just going to focus on five artists for now and some that will be big ol' fashioned singalongs. Check out all the rest when you get a moment, and then you’ll be ready for our wonderful weekend together.

So, announcing our Saturday headliner,

Dutty Moonshine Big Band!

We actually cannot quite believe they are headlining for us on Saturday. They sell out shows across the country (see their Villains tour), tear up big stages at the likes of Glastonbury and Boomtown and Won 'Best Act’ at Shambala this year. They are a 13 piece ‘unstoppable dance floor monster’, they yoke together ‘30’s big brass band sounds - 7 piece brass section - with dirty bass and high energy British dance music. Oh yes! Saturday will be HUGE!

Next it's the Cuban Brothers!

Another wow for us because these hermanos never put a foot wrong, and are ridiculously entertaining, a little bit naughty with their humour, acrobatic and get down to the funkiest sounds around. The Cuban Brothers are three peerless performers that have played with Prince and De La Soul. Noel Gallagher described them as ‘Best Act at Glastonbury’. Can we drop some more names? Oh yes. William Shakespeare may have said “All the world’s a stage and all men and women merely want to get down with Los Hermanos.” Legendary, they will blow your tights off.

He's back! Don Letts: The Rebel Dread!

Making a return to Wick Street Festival because he loved the vibe is Don Letts: The Rebel Dread will drop a mesmerising DJ set for you on Friday night. Videographer for the Clash, friend of Bob Marley, he formed Big Audio Dynamite and even composed some of the soundtrack for Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (we just discovered this!), and he is now a fixture on BBC Radio 6 Music in a prime Saturday evening slot. The term icon is overused these days, but not when you’re talking about Don. Welcome back Mr Letts. Oh and as if he wasn’t prolific enough he has a brand new album out - “Outta Sync”.

The legend that is John Otway!

And then how do we do this next artist justice? John Otway and his band have done more shows (5000 and counting) than Bob Dylan (under 4500) and his gigs are, without question, funnier. He simply hasn’t stopped and consequently has a substantial, adoring fan base. A painful crash-landing on his amplifier during a performance on the Old Grey Whistle Test in 1977 led to his smash hit “Cor Baby That’s Really Free”. He has had 15 albums and sold out the Albert Hall. His biopic “Otway the Movie: The Story of Rock ‘n Roll’s Greatest Failure” was shown at Cannes and was voted second best film of 2013 by Guardian readers. He has massively failed at being a failure and his live shows are legendary. Musically great and also hilarious. In his own words “I played at Glastonbury Festival more times than Beyoncé”. We are honoured to have him onboard.

Now let's talk about singalongs!

We've got some incredible tribute acts playing this year and if you don't believe us, according to ELO, The Pogues and Fleetwood Mac, these are probably their favourite tribute bands. ELO Encounter were so popular this year that we had to book them again. Aside from recreating Jeff Lynne’s perfect songs, they are virtuoso’s in their own right. Pogue Traders: aside from a great name, “the best Pogues tribute band I’ve ever seen” (Andrew Ranken, THE POGUES) and “London, just go see this band” (Phil Chevron, THE POGUES) and finally, the Press love them too. In a review with a tricky call to action at the end, Neil Skinner of the Watford Observer said “ If you ever see these guys and leave without an ear-to-ear grin spread across your chops and a song in your heart, stop and check your pulse - you may very well be dead” UK Fleetwood Mac: this band are made up of musicians at the very top of their game. They have completely nailed the band’s sound note for note but also their look. In a straw poll, we asked the audience from this year which classic bands they loved. The unanimous verdict, from boomers to Gen Z, was Fleetwood Mac, ELO and The Pogues. So we went and bloomin' well asked them to play Wick Street Festival 2024!

See you down the front!


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