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Skatin Chinchilla our festival graffiti wizard!

Skatin is a central part of the festival vibe and is coming back to tackle a full sized Massey Ferguson combine harvester this year.

Festival guests can watch him at work. He can customise baseball caps too and is responsible for much of the festival signage.

16 years in the business Skatin Chinchilla is a well established UK based graffiti artist, illustrator and toy maker. He cut his teeth in Amsterdam in 2008, getting his tag up everywhere possible and a few impossible places too. His signature style comes from his love for traditional graffiti styles, hip hop and skateboarding culture. His graffiti is a multi layered, mind bending and unforgettable.

His characters are unique and he has a vibrant lettering style. And his works can be seen throughout Europe and the UK, as well as crew murals around the world. Skatin Chinchilla has contributed to the community development and completed many murals for local schools and charities to make the gift of art accessible to all. 

There will be graffiti classes at Wick Street too!


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