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Introducing some of the bright young bands playing at our festival

Introducing some bright young bands that our team, the critics, the radio stations and the bands’ fans all agree are well on the way to the big time!

The Veltmans

If Wick Street could be a band, we would love to be The Veltmans. Fiercely independent, influenced by an eclectic range of music, self-deprecating and fun to be around.

They are very driven and refract the passion of indie rock, blues guitar flows and star gazing ambience into their work. This variety is reflected in their hairstyles!

Of course, they have their own sound but you may be able to hear a touch of Interpol, The Strokes, Rush and Stevie Ray Vaughan in their work.

Playing Rabbit Hole on Aug 30 at 11pm


Luna Blue

The perfect musical Martini, a tropical cocktail of fierce indie, rock and pop. Continually supported by BBC Introducing South, Luna Blue's popularity exploded post-lockdown. The Brighton four piece take their signature high-energy indie rock on a UK headline tour this year, also finding time to support charities including Animals Asia and Music Venue Trust (preserving some of our most important independent venues).

They are young but extremely seasoned, exciting performers.

Playing on Saturday, Aug 30th at Noon on the Badger Parade stage.



This new Brighton quintet describe their sound as twang pop post-yacht-rock soft-psych.

The more you listen to their music the more this description actually makes sense! There is a light dusting of Beatles magic too. They formed during lockdown and so have had time to polish their performance and it’s pretty close to perfect.

Their songs cover some eclectic subjects from sea worms to radiator shops and they most definitely have a great sense of humour. It may be a cliche but although they can be silly, they are dead serious about their music and as far as it’s possible to be from mundane.

Playing Badger Parade on Friday, Aug 30 at 2:30pm


Trip Westerns

This young 5 piece band are Brighton-based and

“their roots are comfortably buried in the soil of the mid-20th century rock and R’nB, intertwined with lashings of surf and psychedelia - revelling in the twangy notes of spaghetti western soundtracks (see Ennio Morricone)” - Otis Hayes

Their performances are always vivid and dizzying and showcase sunny ‘60’s R’nB, 21st century fuzz-drenched garage rock and a lethal dose of Sergio Leone 

Playing Rabbit Hole on Friday, Aug 30 at 10pm


Wild Horse

Despite still being in their 20s, they have been touring constantly for many years and so their live shows are a happy mix of adrenaline and dopamine.

Funked up guitar pop yoked together with hip hop beats and classic rock, their sound gives you that feeling of excitement you only get just before the best night out - see Keep On Moving Up. Hints of Wet Leg, The 1975, Fleetwood Mac and Blossoms are in their DNA

Playing Badger Parade on Saturday, Aug 31 at 2:30pm


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