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Join us for the auditions for Wick St @ Hope and Ruin in Brighton

We decided not to call this pint sized festival a Battle of the Bands because that makes it sound a bit School of Rock-ish and sweaty Metallica tees!

But it IS, well, a dust up between talented musicians, one of whom gets a set at our festival (and a fee).

There are 4 acts with 4 completely different styles and they will play for 15 minutes each at the music Brighton music landmark The Hope and Ruin from 7pm to 10pm on Sunday, June 9th after which the winner will be announced. 

There’s something in it for music fans too. Entrance is FREE and the first 6 people through the door get a free ticket to Wick St and everyone else gets a hefty 20% discount on all tickets. This is only available to people who are physically present in the pub as there is a code required to claim the discount.

The bands in 3 words are:

Loose Endz - punchy driven grunge

SABRINA G - dreamy electronic soul

Stan H - indie pop punk

Alfonso the Magnificent - jazz latin folk 

Pete Jones, much loved DJ from Radio Reverb and tireless advocate of independent/new bands, will be presiding over the event.

The Judges are:

Ian Lovatt, virtuoso guitarist for several years with the Michael Jackson band and studio owner/wizard.

Giles Looker, festival organiser who has run the Beat Hotel at Glastonbury for many years and founded cocktail experts Soulshakers. Also a DJ!

Pete Jones and Wick St founder Charles Vine.

The Venue:

Join us FOR FREE at The HOPE & RUIN, 11 to 12 Queens Rd, Brighton and Hove, Brighton BN1 3WA.

And if you have had the staying power to get to the end of this story, you get a 20% discount too. Just email and I will take care of it.


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