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We know about festivals. Between us, we think that the Team may have gone to 274 of them between us. Probably more, but sometimes your memory can play tricks on you.

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Got the t-shirts

Big ones like Glastonbury, Reading and V, eccentric ones like Boomtown and Shambala, boutique ones like Blissfields and the Secret Garden Party. 

Most of us have worked on festivals as event management, staff, sound and lighting and artist liaison.

Why we do it

We know what works, and what doesn’t and have gone all out to create a friendly vibe. A big, warm party in a field where you go with friends and meet new ones.

This is also a family affair. Aside from the Festival, the Vine family have a farm. Hence the grass-fed beefburgers we serve. 

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Good eggs

Just to recap, here are our guiding principles:

Don’t rip people off for food and drink and make sure it’s top quality and local.

Free camping, parking and entry for children, 12 and under.

But above all get the very best live acts money can buy and maybe go a bit over budget.


Lovely friendly atmosphere, very nice setting and happy people enjoying food and music. Small is beautiful"
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PICK of the WICKS No1:

Bloody Mary & Bacon Roll breakfast delivery...
by vintage tractor

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